Degree in business and international commerce


The educational program that offers the Bachelor’s Degree in Business and International Commerce, in congruence with the main mission of the Department of Economy and the University of Sonora, whose purpose is to form professionals with a strong sense entrepreneurial sense, who contribute to the administration of domestic and foreign companies in order to improve the economic and social conditions, thus helping to the growth and development of the country.


The educational program of the Bachelor’s in Business and International Commerce is a learning core that along with the vision of the Department of Economy and of the University, tries to articulate the functions of teaching, research, diffusion, and outreach. Additionally, the program focuses its attention and concern on the student, molding him/her throughout long term education which allows for the full incorporation into a society of knowledge of the 21st century. It emerges as an open and flexible model, characterized by processes of exchange and mobility of academic personnel and students, as well as the implementation of continuous internal and external evaluation, in order to accredit and certify its products and services for an adequate accountability to the surrounding society.

The ideal characteristics of the aspirants for the Bachelor’s Degree in Business and International Commerce of the University of Sonora are:

Admission Profile

1.Basic knowledge of: Mathematics, accounting, marketing, law, administration, and economic geography. National and international socio-historic regional context.

2. Skills:

  • Adequate management of word-processing, spreadsheets, slides, and Internet.
  • In order to understand texts in Spanish.
  • For the proper writing of texts in Spanish.
  • For an appropriate oral expression.
  • Basic reading and writing in English.

3. Attitudes:

  • Interest in digital technology.
  • Social sensibility.
  • Availability and motivation for teamwork


  • Initiative
  • Responsibility
  • Tolerance

Graduate Profile

The Graduate from the Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from the University of Sonora is a responsible, tolerant, and committed professional toward the social development within his environment, influence in a varied and efficient manner within the different business and international commerce environments. His knowledge, abilities, and attitudes will allow the student to:

1.- Skills:

  • Identify business opportunities.
  • Create business opportunities.
  • Implement administrative, legal, and logistic processes needed to develop a business.
  • Become a consultant in international business matters.
  • Evaluate the performance of companies within international markets.
  • Ability to establish and conserve international public relations.
  • Ability to reach conformity between the parties involved in the compliance of a task.

2.- Attitudes:

  • Interest in digital technology
  • Initiative
  • Team availability and tolerance

3.- Values:

  • Social sensibility
  • Responsibility
  • Tolerance

General Description of the Curriculum

The Bachelor’s Degree in Business and International Commerce is taught in person; it is designed to form professionals at national and international levels in order to provide services within private and public sectors, whose main objective is to form professionals capable of:

  • Create, design, and implement businesses within companies or organizations that occur in international markets.
  • Administrate production businesses and goods and service commerce within global contexts.
  • Promote and facilitate the development of international business.

The Curriculum consists of 361 credits in five formative pillars (Common Formation Pillar, Basic Formation Pillar, Professional Formational Pillar, Specialized Formation and Integration Pillars), which consists of 50 courses, whose credits add up to 317, plus 20 credits upon complying with the professional practice and 20 more credits upon compliance of the social service as well as 4 credits that correspond to the complementary activities of integral formation.

The Curriculum Proposal has a regular duration of eight semesters, distributed into five formative pillars.

Throughout the eight semesters, the students shall cover the corresponding credits. The practice shall start to be implemented parting from the eighth semester or when 70% of the program credits are covered.

Once the students finish the curriculum and accredit the modality chosen to get their degree, they will get the Bachelor’s Degree in Business and International Commerce. The Curriculum contemplates a regular duration of eight semesters, as is shown in the course outline.

Course Program

The outlines for each course are shown, based on the order of the curriculum for each semester.

Curricular map

List of subjects